Apple iPhone 8 Bigger Display Won’t Be Obvious From The Back

There have been a lot of talks about Apple’s plan to increase the display size of their future device without having to increase the measurement of the device itself. So how are they doing it?

It has been reported that Apple might be offering a new iPad next year that will come in with a 10.9-inch display even though the size of the device will be the same as the 9.7inch iPad Pro. It is said that they will achieve that by offering their customers a bezel-free display and it looks like the new Apple iPad is not the only one getting the bezel-free display.

New reports from the Barclays Research suggest that the next Apple iPhone 8 will be coming in with a curved display that will stretch all the way to the edges which means there will be no bezels on the side now. MacRumors also added that the Apple iPhone 8 will come with a 5inch display option and a 5.8inch display option this time around.

We are expecting the iPhone 8 to come with some huge upgrades next year. Protection Status