Apple iPhone 7: Nobody Wanted It Anyway

We were a little surprised when Apple decided to continue their 16GB iPhone last year but it looks like they have finally gotten the message now.

While we have not heard from Apple yet, a new leak spec sheet of the upcoming Apple iPhone 7 has suggested that the Apple iPhone will now come with a minimum storage space of 32GB.

There was also another leak sheet suggesting that there will be a 256GB option this year as well. This means we might be getting a 32GB, 64GB, and 258GB option this year.

Some people are saying that Apple might also switch things up and offer the 128GB instead of the 64GB. We are not sure about the gap though. What internal storage option do you think Apple should be offering on their Apple iPhone 7 this year?

We should be hearing more about Apple’s flagship next week when Apple officially unveils it on the 7th of September.

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