Apple iPhone 7 Matte Black: Why Did They Even Bother?

Why would anybody want to get a device that won’t last? As much as we like the new Apple iPhone 7 Matte Black version, we don’t think the Matte Black version is worth getting at all if it is going to be as easily damage as Apple is suggesting.

Apple has not released a black iPhone for a long time now so it was exciting to see Apple bring back not one but two black option. A glossy version and the controversial matte version. Apple announces at the event that the Apple iPhone 7 Matte Black version will be more prone to scratches and that they would advise those getting one to buy a protective case for it.

Fitting on a protective case will mean that people will not be able to see the matte black casing so why bother getting it in the first place. If you would really like to own a black iPhone, the smarter option would be to go for the glossy version.

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