Apple iPhone 7: Important Upgrade Put To Test

It is clear that the Apple iPhone 7 is not a huge jump from the Apple iPhone 6s but Apple will have to give it some sort of an upgrade if they want to convince people to buy it.

One of the upgrades that Apple highlighted was the water and dust resistant feature that the Apple iPhone 7 now has. With how much these iPhones cost right now, having a water and dust resistant feature is a huge advantage.

According to Apple, the water and dust resistance on the Apple iPhone 7 is rated IP67 which means it should be able to handle rains and water splashes. IP67 also means that the device can be immersed in 15cm to 1m of water for a limited amount of time without getting damage.

To see if the Apple iPhone 7 holds up under those conditions, the guys over at TechnoBuffalo decided to out it to a test. You can check out the video below to see how the Apple iPhone 7 fared.

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