Alfa Romeo 4C: The End Is Not Near

We know that the Alfa Romeo 4C is struggling here in the US which is why many believe it when new reports claim that the Alfa Romeo 4C was going to axe by 2020.

Well, the model might not be doing well but Alfa Romeo is not ready to part with it yet. After the report by Autoline, Alfa Romeo clarifies that there are currently no plans to axed the Alfa Romeo 4C by 2020.

When AutoBlog contacted them about the matter, they were asked to refer to the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles five-year plan which does include two specialty model that will be released by Alfa Romeo between 2017 but 2020 but we do not know if these models will come to stand alongside the 4C or replace them.

Whether or not the 4C is here to stay, we know that Alfa Romeo is not going to give up on the segment yet.

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