2018 Volvo XC60 Should Not Follow XC90’s Footsteps

Based on some of the new spy shots that we saw, it is clear that the upcoming Volvo XC60 will be getting a new design that is based on the XC90 model. In fact, most people are saying that the XC60 will look like a shrunk down version of the Volvo XC90.

While we had no issue with the design of the Volvo XC90 itself, some people are saying that the Volvo XC60 sales will drop once the new model arrives. It was pointed out that despite all the attention that the XC90 model, the XC90 is not doing as well as we thought it would here in the US.

Some people are saying that the Volvo XC60 will end up with the same fate when it comes in with the XC90 design. Of course, with the Volvo XC60 being the best selling model for Volvo last year, we believe it will do better than the XC90 but whether it can keep the numbers where it is now is a whole other story.

Do you think Volvo made the right move when they decided to carry the XC90 design over?

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