2018 Nissan Z: Fans Want Them To Lose The Extra Weight

The Nissan Z went from being a light and nimble model to being the Nissan Z that we all know right now and the fans are not too happy about it. Fans are now hoping that if Nissan does release a new Nissan Z model, it will be back to its light and nimble self once more.

The fact is that nobody really knows if Nissan is going to work on a new Nissan Z model or not but most people seems to believe that it is going to happen. There have been speculations about Nissan looking to design their Nissan Z based on the new Q60 Coupe model.

We know that the last Nissan Z was design based on the G Coupe so it does make sense that the Q60 would be the base this time. If that is true, we could be seeing the Nissan Z with a 400hp turbo V6 engine under the hood. Hopefully, this also means that the manual transmission will still be offered as well.


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