2018 Honda Accord: Love Hate Relationship With Civic

Because of the updates that Honda has the Honda Civic, the Honda Accord will be forced to grow even though it is at the right size right now and we are sure the Accord fans will no appreciate that but the Accord can’t turn their back on the Civic just yet.

While the Honda Accord might not be too happy about the size upgrade, they should be happy with the upgrades that the Honda Civic received. The new Accord will be coming in with a new design that is based on the Honda Civic.

The Accord will also be riding on the same platform and it is believed that they will be sharing the engine as well although the Accord version should be tuned a little. There were also talk about Honda replacing the V6 engine that the Accord has right now.

It is also believe that the Accord will still get to keep their six-speed auto and manual transmission.

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