2018 Honda Accord: Crossing The Line

It is always nice to hear when a vehicle is getting a size upgrade but it looks like the Honda Accord fans are not looking forward to that upgrade at all.

Honda upgraded the Honda Civic last year and one of the upgrades that the Civic got was an increase in body size. That would allow the Civic to come with a more spacious interior but that also means that the Honda Civic is getting a little too close to the Honda Accord.

Based on some of the spy images we have seen. It looks like the Honda Accord will also be getting a size upgrade as that it does not get too close to the Honda Civic. On top of that, it is believed that the Accord will also be fitted with the Honda engine and will also be riding on the Honda Civic platform.

Of all the upgrades, the seems like the only thing that the customers does not want is a wider Accord as many believe that it will make it too bulky. What do you think?

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