2018 Ford Bronco: No Surprise In Store

The upcoming 2018 Ford Bronco might be an all-new model but most people believe that Ford will not be offering them any major surprise on the outside.

There were reports saying that Ford is working to make sure the Ford Bronco look a lot like the older model. While we do hope that the Bronco will be instantly recognizable, we are hoping that they would still change it enough to give it a fresh new look.

While others do not think that Ford will be recycling the old Bronco design, they think that the upcoming Ford Bronco will look a lot like the Ford Everest that Ford is offering in Australia. Like the Ford Bronco, the Ford Everest is also build based on the Ford Ranger so people are expecting them to look the same.

However, unlike the Ford Everest, the Ford Bronco will be coming in with a shortened version of the T6 platform so the vehicle should look different from each other.

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