2018 Audi A6, A7, & A8: A Design To Call Their Own

The Audi A6, A7, and A8 looked great but there all come with a similar design and some fans are saying that these models are missing an identity of their own. To fix that, Audi will be giving all three models a new design that they can call their own.

The updated models will be coming in as a 2018 model. The Audi A6 will be getting upgrade exterior that will include a new redesigned grille as well as a wider wheel arch giving it a more aggressive design. The interior will also be fitted with a new all-touchscreen interface.

The Audi A7 will be getting a new design that is inspired by the racing yachts. Besides getting an exterior upgrade that will include a slimmer hexagonal grille, the Audi A7 will also come with a lower sitting position.

The Audi A8 will also be getting an upgraded design but on top of that, the vehicle will also be fitted with a few new features including the Park Pilot feature, Traffic Jam Pilot as well as the Audi Artificial Intelligence.

Steven Estevez

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