2017 Volvo XC60: The XC90 Is Not The Best-Seller

The Volvo XC90 might have gotten a lot of attention when Volvo brought it out last year but they were not the one that carried the most weight last year.

It has been reported that Volvo managed to sell about 534,332 units of Volvo last year and while the most talked about model was the XC90 and the S90 model, the best-selling model is actually the XC60 model.

That is a little surprising since the 2016 model did not come with any major upgrade. Volvo made it clear that the upgrade will only be happening after the 2016 model but people still couldn’t keep their hands away from it. A total of 161,092 units of the Volvo XC60 was sold.

The other model that help Volvo achieve that number was the V40. With the Volvo XC60 getting a major upgrade this year, this year might be an even better year for Volvo.

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