2017 Lexus IS: Missing Manual Not A Dealbreaker

For some models, the fact that it does not come with a manual transmission means that it will be considered at all but that does not seem to be a problem that Lexus is facing right now.

Lexus has made it clear when it comes to manual transmission. They have been offering their models with the auto transmission for some time now and the consumers do not seem to have any issue with them doing that. Why is that?

While some people think it is because the demand for manual transmission is not that high now, others think that the audience that Lexus appeals to are not really interested in driving a manual. Most of them are people that want to relax and just enjoy a comfortable drive.

Since the Lexus models are not really known for being a performance model, they are often overlooked by manual drivers as well. Do you think Lexus is missing out or are they on the right track?

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