2017 Honda Pilot: Nobody Will Even Notice

Nobody would probably notice that the Honda Pilot you are driving is the 2017 model instead of the 2016 if they do not step inside. According to Honda, since the Honda Pilot is still very new, they won’t be messing around with the design and measurement of the Honda Pilot but they will be giving it a few upgrades.

The upgrades that they have planned for the 2017 Honda Pilot are not minor upgrades either. One of the main goals for the 2017 model is to have it come with a much bigger interior compared to the current model.

To do so, they will have to redesign the interior so that they are able to make full use of the space available. The 2017 model will also be coming in with a lighter body as Honda will be replacing some parts with new parts made from lighter materials.

Some fans were also hoping that the Blind Spot System for the Elite model would be part of the update as well but it looks like that is not going to happen.

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