2017 Ford Mustang Won’t Keep You Safe

With all that power that the Ford Mustang has to offer, it is important that Ford gets the safety of the Mustang right but based on the new EuroNCAP rating, the Ford Mustang sounds like the last car you want to be speeding in.

According to EuroNCAP, the Ford Mustang safety rating is only a 2 stars. While the number might sound bad, the situation is actually not as bleak as it seems. Even though the rating was pretty low, the Mustang did not get the rating because it did miserably in the crash test but because the Ford Mustang did not come with enough driving aids.

Missing features like lane detection and automatic collision avoidance system were the reason why EuroNCAP decided to give the Mustang only 2 stars for its safety. Most new vehicles are decked out in safety tech so it is odd that Ford would decide to offer so little.

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