2016 Google Nexus Will Not Be A Rooters Dream

Android powered devices have always been the one for rooter since it gives them more freedom and the Nexus devices are always the top choices since the Nexus devices are the first to receive all the updates from Google. However, things might start to change with the new Nexus device which will come running on the new Android Nougat.

According to Google, the new Android Nougat will not only come with a few new features but it will also come with a new security feature that will stop the device from booting up if it detects a corrupt boot image.

It is said that this was added to catch more virus and malware. They added that the feature will only be included in those devices that are ship with the new Android Nougat with a locked bootloader.

That means rooting will still be possible if you get a device with an unlocked bootloader. We don’t think the Nexus devices will be one of them.

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