17-inch MacBook Pro Axed By Apple

A couple of months ago, Apple launched the new generation of MacBook Pros. The laptops arrived with faster processors, sharper display and many new tech innovations to toy with. What bothered the consumers is the fact that there isn’t a 17” MacBook Pro around anymore.

Well, there is an explanation for this and it is purely business. Over the last couple of years, the 17” MacBook Pro has not been selling well. Yes, the larger laptop might be more fitting for playing games or watching movies but they are also not cheap to own.

Apparently, Apple doesn’t find the 17” MacBook Pro profitable at all. Unlike the 13” and 15” variants, the 17” requires a different electronics design, component design and also, method of development. Thus, Apple will have to spend a bomb just to load the 17” laptop on the assembly line.

With sales not even covering the cost spent on the 17” MacBook Pro’s development, Apple sees no point in updating the 17” MacBook Pro.

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