12 Things Samsung Galaxy S2 Can Do That iPhone 4S Can’t

As of the start of this year, the web began to be swarmed with videos pitting the iPhone 4S against the Samsung Galaxy S2. Surprisingly, the most popular comparison were drop tests due to the Samsung Galaxy S2 appearing flimsy (plastic body) compared to the more solid -feeling iPhone 4S. The results were surprising (video at the bottom).

While we could see that the Samsung Galaxy S2 was better suited for clumsy users versus the iPhone 4S, how about its other capabilities? In terms of common hardware comparisons, both boast dual-core processors, 8-megapixel cameras and sharp displays. So what else does the Samsung Galaxy S2 have over the iPhone 4S? We look at the software front (Android vs iOS):

What the Android Samsung Galaxy S2 has over the iOS iPhone 4S

– Ability to mount your Galaxy S2 as a a USB drive.
– Play videos of almost any format.
– Access to third party app stores like the Amazon Appstore.
– Ability to run game emulators.
– Free Navigation which the Galaxy Note ads make abundantly clear.
– Widgets.
– Can view flash based website.
– Swappable batteries
– Access to keyboard of your choice (e.g. Swype)
– Unrestricted bluetooth
– Expandable memory (memory cards
– HDMI port
– You can drop it (just kidding)

And if you don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty and rooting your Samsung Galaxy S2, there are a host of custom ROMs to play around with. Now most of the mentioned features above can apply to just about any Android phone out there sans things like HDMI out, swappable batteries and durability (e.g. the Motorola DROID RAZR does boast HDMI out and an 8-megapixel camera but it doesn’t allow you to swap batteries).

Did we miss anything? If so sound off in the comments below.

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