[ALERT] Samsung Galaxy Nexus Owners, Check This Out!

If you own a Samsung Galaxy Nexus then you will be proud at the fact that you will be getting the latest Android updates months before other smartphones and that it is free of any custom manufacturer UIs. In fact, you might not even want to slap on a phone cover on your Galaxy Nexus given its beautiful rear design and tough front glass. If this sounds like you then read on!

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Laser Etched Battery doors

A new kickstarter project is offering custom laser etched battery door covers for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (see picture below). For as low as $30, you can get one of these with the pre-made designs available. Or if you don’t mind pledging $45, you can get a custom design (no copyrighted works or too detailed) that fits in a 2×2 proportion. Shipping is included and add an extra $5 if you’re overseas.

Here is the project’s details:

Our Story: “I’ve seen the Galaxy Nexus “limited edition” battery doors, they were cool and all; but they weren’t $100+ cool that people were paying, I did this kind of thing back when I had my BlackBerry and it was a great success. I thought to myself, why not do it for Android. If there is enough funding/demand, I will try and get other devices included. For now, it’s just for the CDMA/GSM Galaxy Nexus. It will be for both the Stock Battery and Extended Battery, you decide on which you want.”

Hit the source link below if you wish to pledge and order one. BTW, they have already doubled their targeted goal or raising $1,250 to begin production of these custom battery door covers.