Samsung Galaxy Note Deemed Big & “Useless” [BGR]

The Samsung Galaxy Note is currently the largest Android smartphone on the market, measuring in at 5.3-inches. In addition to a screen big enough to classify the phone as a mini-tablet, it also comes with a stylus, something that has long disappeared from smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy Note review (BGR)

On paper it may sound a little strange but the Samsung Galaxy Note has attracted huge fanfare and continues to sell well overseas. However despite its success in the international markets, it still has its fair share of critics. One such in BGR’s editor-in-chief, Jonathan S Gellar, who has dubbed the Samsung Galaxy Note as “the most useless phone I’ve used”.

Here are some excerpts from his short review of the Samsung Galaxy Note:

“This is a phone, after using it for a few hours, that feels like it is too big to be taken seriously,” suggests Gellar. He then goes on to hammer in just how awkward it is to use it, stating that, “you will look stupid talking on it, people will laugh at you, and you’ll be unhappy if you buy it. I really can’t get around this, unfortunately, because Samsung pushed things way too far this time.”

Gellar ends by saying that he is offended by this product and that the fact that it resembles the Samsung Galaxy S2 is a disappointment. These are of course some pretty harsh words from Gellar who has been known to write detailed and unbiased opinions of smartphones. So we’re not sure why this sounds more like a rant.

Read the full review of the Samsung Galaxy Note on BGR here. And if you have some comments to share about the Samsung Galaxy Note, fire away in the comments below.

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