Obama Fondles A HTC EVO 3D, Sleeker Than His Windows PDA

Contrary to popular belief, President Barack Obama apparently doesn’t use a BlackBerry phone. What the current president of the USA uses is more secure than a BlackBerry and adheres to National Security standards.

Called General Dynamics’ Sectera Edge, this combination phone-PDA uses a mobile version of Microsoft Windows and includes custom versions of IE and Windows Messenger “that are good enough for data that’s classified as a level of Secret,” reports CNet.

The Sectera Edge features 3 separate interchangeable modules and is water, dust and drop-proof (can survive a 4-foot drop on concrete repeatedly. Unfortunately for President Obama, it is ugly as hell (pictured below).

So it comes as no surprise the reaction Obama had to holding a HTC EVO 3D in his hands. Of course, that isn’t his and likely belongs to a White House staff member.

Have a good weekend folks, we hope to bring you some real news as the week kicks off 😉

President Barack Obama checks out the HTC EVO 3D

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