World’s First Environmentally-Friendly Bamboo Android Phone! [PICS]

Now don’t mistake this for an Android phone with a Bamboo cover as this is in fact a genuine Android device with a shell made from environmentally-friendly bamboo called the ADZero.

AdZero: Environmentally-friendly Bamboo Android phone

We’re not exactly sure what’s with its name as it sound more like a pop-up blocker than an Android phone but it certainly gets points for moving away from the plastic and steel we’re accustomed to. The pictures you see below is in fact not a concept but the real thing and according to the manufacturer, it will run a custom build of Android.

While materials like aluminum and plastic are considered more lightweight, we’ve been told that this phone is supposedly lighter than an iPhone.

It is too soon to get any more details at the moment like specs and a price point but we have a good feeling that it is going to cost more than your average Android phone. Here’s hoping we’re wrong about that last part.


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