Darth Vader Burger May Just Force Choke You [PICS]

George Lucas has been known to license his movie brands like Star Wars and Indiana Jones for a number of products. We all remember the C3PO cereal and the Jar Jar Binks candy but this new product may be not be as appetizing as one would have expected.

Star Wars themed burgers land at Quick Burger in France

A French burger restaurant is now offering several burgers with different Star Wars themes. We’re talking about a Vader Burger that looks features an actual pitch black bun (not rye, uses food dye) and other Force burgers like Yoda’s Jedi Burger and Darth Maul’s Dark Burger (as far as we can tell, the Darth Maul burger features some kind of dark seeds on the bun to maybe resemble the spike on Darth Maul).

The French burger restaurant, called Quick Burger, will have these Star Wars themed burgers available until the 5th of March so if you happen to be headed to France around this time, do tell us how it tastes.

Update: We’ve just been told by one of our French speaking readers that the Darth Vader burger isn’t called “Vader Burger” but instead “Vador Burger” as that is apparently how the Star Wars character is spelled in France. Thanks Pierre!

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