Vintage Camera iPhone App Downloaded 3 Million Times In First Month

Recall that Vintage Camera app we featured just over a month ago? Well if you did read our review and download the app then it will come as no surprise to you that it has broken the 3 million download mark in its first month in the App Store.

Vintage Camera iPhone app records 3 million downloads on App Store in first month

In addition to breaking records, the free version of the Vintage Camera app has reached the number 1 spot for most downloaded app of all free apps in Japan and Thailand, while rising up the “Top Free Downloads” in multiple other countries.

Now if you’re late to the party and are unfamiliar with the Vintage Camera app, let us recap. The app lets you basically take pictures with your iPhone as if it were a real vintage camera. With retro style filters and vintage effects, you can not only take picture like they were shot 50 years ago but also edit your current photos to look like it as well.

Then there is the social integration which lets you share your creations with the Vintage Camera community as well as your family and friends. If you haven’t tried it out just yet, give it a go and see why it has become so popular.


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