Upcoming Sprint Phones Worth Waiting For

With Sprint being the only carrier that still offers unlimited data and hopes that it will do the same when LTE rolls out, many Sprint users are remaining loyal to the network. So what new Android phones can they look forward to in 2012?

Upcoming Sprint phones: Samsung Galaxy Nexus, S3 & Note (rumors)

At this time there isn’t anything confirmed but the rumor mill does have high hopes for three Android phones in particular: the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note and the Galaxy S3.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus: Expected to make its way to the remaining carriers once Verizon’s exclusivity expires, the Sprint Samsung Galaxy Nexus with LTE capabilities has already been confirmed by Sprint albeit no firm release date has been posted. But just like the Sprint Google Nexus S 4G which launched a while after the Google Nexus S made its rounds, Sprint users will be able to get their hands on its successor soon enough.

Samsung Galaxy Note: With word that the humungous Samsung Galaxy Note will likely be calling both Verizon and Sprint its next new home, this unique phone/tablet hybrid with pressure sensitive stylus capabilities is another hot Android to look out for.

Samsung Galaxy S3: Lastly we have the Samsung Galaxy S3 that if rumors serve true, will be the best equipped of the bunch and will debut at MWC 2012 next month. Just like past generation Galaxy devices, it is expected to be made available on all 4 major US carriers.

iPhone 5 and new HTC EVO likely as well

So it looks like Sprint users will likely have a trio of Samsung devices to look forward to in 2012. In addition to Samsung, we can bet on a next-generation HTC EVO device and new iPhone (iPhone 5?)to join the mix.

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