5 Best Android Apps Released This Week (Jan 2012)

As we approach the last week of January 2012, it is now once again time to check out the best new Android apps to hit the Android Market this week. In this round we’ve got 5 new Android apps and many of you will be happy to know that it is bombarded with games like our previous list. In fact, there are none.

5 best Android apps released this week (January 2012)

Card.io payments: card.io is the fast and easy way to accept credit card payments from your phone. Hold a credit card in front of the phone camera, and it’s scanned automatically! There’s no typing or swiping, and no extra card readers – just point, scan, and start accepting payments. It’s simple, and you can process your first credit card purchase in minutes.

Pixable: Pixable is your photo inbox. Discover and enjoy your friends’ best photos. Pixable is a beautiful app that finds the top photos shared by your friends on Facebook.

Dragon Go!: Just Say it, Get it and Go! Say goodbye to endless blue search links! Wouldn’t life be simpler if there were one app that you could simply tell it what you want – and it delivered it within seconds? Say ‘hello’ to Dragon Go!

Photo Calendar – Smart Viewer: All of your photos in your phone will be sorted by date. You can see your photostream by the date that the photos taken. This is very useful to find any photo, when you remembering approximate dates!

CloudMagic: Search across Twitter, Gmail, Google Apps, Docs, Calendar and Contacts “really, really, really, fast”

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