iPhone 4S vs Galaxy S3: Is Android ICS Or iOS Better?

Everyone is going crazy for the Samsung Galaxy S3 of course and it now appears to be threatening Apple’s throne. So why don’t we see how it stacks up against its primary competitor the iPhone 4S.

In terms of hardware, we find that the Samsung Galaxy S3 comes out on top naturally. This is of course because the Samsung Galaxy S3 hardware is designed to take on the iPhone 5. On the software front however, both devices can hold their ground. So let’s take a look at it from that point of view.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 4S: Software point of view

Firstly, the app stores are completely different and work in a different manner. Apple is more restrictive when it comes to accepting certain kinds of apps, whether it be controversial or useful in their own opinion. The focus is on quality over quantity although the App Store still has more apps than Google Play based on the last official count. What this does mean is that you miss out on some good apps though as Apple can turn down apps from companies they just do not get on with. Android works in a very different way as it is open for anyone to submit apps, even their own users. This can lead to less than perfect quality apps so users should be a little wary when choosing to download an app. Swings and roundabouts here.

As far as usability goes, Apple are known for making their devices very simple and easy to use and the iOS on the iPhone 4S is no different. Users can move icons around by dragging them, or dropping them into folders to tidy things up. Wallpapers can be changed too on both the home screen and the lock screen. On the Android OS however, users can use widgets for apps and services on multiple screens. For customizing purposes, launchers can be used too. There are also downloadable icon packs so that Android users can change the font on the interface. This is all in addition to the aforementioned features that Apple have on offer, so Android does tip the balance here with a really customizable OS.

Next up is updates. Some people are a bit concerned about Samsung’s ability to roll out updates effectively and thus when will S3 owners get Android 4.1 Jelly Bean? And when another update is available, how long before the Samsung Galaxy S3 sees that roll out onto the device? Many blame TouchWiz for the delays in rolling out the latest updates while other find fault with carriers. Either way, anyone with a long contract on a Samsung device may end up being disappointed by how late they are getting the updates, whereas Apple are hot off the mark with rolling out theirs, even if some of the features do not work as well on the older devices. The Samsung Galaxy S3 also might lose popularity as more competitive Android devices come out. You can’t expect that from iOS as only the iPhones will be running it.

Which one you end up going for, the iPhone 4S or the Samsung Galaxy S3, is a matter of personal preference and need. You may want to be able to exert more control over your device – in which case, go for Android. If you like to keep it simple, head for an Apple retailer.

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