Samsung Galaxy S3: 5 Shortcomings We May See Fixed In S4 Only

While the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a great phone, it is not quite perfect and there is some room for improvement. So what might we see when Samsung announces the S4 next year? The folks over at TechRadar have listed some of the S3’s shortcomings and where possibly Samsung can improve upon.

Samsung Galaxy S4: what S3 shortcomings can Samsung ‘patch’

The PenTile display of the Samsung Galaxy S3 has received criticism despite it being upped to 4.8 inches and having a pixel density of 306ppi. While it looks good it is possible to see the actual pixels if you really look and it has lost some of the colour saturation and vivacity of the S2. While Samsung say that the screen will last longer, users would rather have a screen that offers a sharper resolution. This is something that Samsung may wish to consider with the Galaxy S4.

Speakers are another issue as the Samsung Galaxy S3 certainly has processing power it could run the graphically intense software from Google Play and movies, but the sound could be much better and this could be an improvement seen on the next generation Galaxy.

The battery of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is good at 2100mAh but there is still room for improvement as you will have to charge at some time during the day after watching TV shows (pop-up play anyone?) while you commute to work and use the phone heavily. The Razr Maxx for instance has a 3,300mAh battery and is still thin.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 could look more like a premium device as the S3 does look a little on the plastic side and doesn’t have a premium look or feel to it when compared to the likes of the HTC One X and iPhone 4S.

S Voice is ok but it could do with some improvements as at the moment it isn’t able to do a lot. To call it a headline feature is disgusting.

Can you think of any other areas the Samsung Galaxy S3 can improve upon? If so do tell us.

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