Is This The Production Ready Playstation 3.5 In The Flesh?

Can you remember that mysterious new PS3 version that went through FCC in the recent past? The listing didn’t have the photos with it to confirm the redesign, but a new variant has come to Anatel (Brazil’s own version of the FCC), and this one has four pictures to back it up.

Is this the revamped Playstation 3?

It cites models CECH-4011A, CECH-4011B and CECH-4011C, which matches closely with the 4K labeling from the FCC visit. Remember, the latest PS3 Slim’s model number is 3K.

Tecnoblog reckons that these three models indicate a very cramped (in terms of storage) 16GB version, as well as a 250GB and 500GB pair. This Anatel document seems to be from Sony, but we haven’t been able to load the photos up in the same way as Tecnoblog has. Looks-wise, this new PS3 is very slim indeed, and not as good looking as its predecessor. One thing that stands out is that it has a top-loading disc drive, which is a first.

Realistically, it’s best to take this “leak” with a large pinch o’ salt, but as soon as we hear anything more substantial from Sony, we’ll let you know.


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