Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Announced Before ICS Can Melt

The latest Android update, 4.1 JellyBean may not be seen by many as some of the major players are not interested in delivering it to users and some of the carriers couldn’t care less either, suggests ZDNet.

Google makes Andorid 4.1 Jelly Bean official while most fans still waiting for Ice Cream Sandwich

Rumors have been going around for some time now that the next Android OS could be shown off as early as next week. There is not much known about the update at the moment but it has been said that it will be released during Q2 of this year. It has also been speculated that the Chrome browser of Google will be the default web browser on the OS. Well it looks like it is already happening as earlier today the Google campus saw the Jelly Bean rolled out onto its lawn to officially mark its arrival.

This of course isn’t the first official announcement of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. There was a listing on Google Play, very briefly, suggesting that the Galaxy Nexus phone would be one of the first to ship with Jelly Bean preinstalled. However many people find it very hard to get excited about Android updates as history has shown that they are slow to make their mark. Recently data was gathered based on handsets accessing Google Play, which showed that only 7.1% of devices are in fact operating on the latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update. This update has been available for more than eight months. Owners of Android phones may find that this is another update that is unlikely to be delivered to devices as none of the major players seem to have an interest in delivering it according to ZDNet.

At the moment Google is more interested in the activation of new handsets along with increased market shares. Makers of handsets want to sell you a phone and then not hear from you again, until it’s time to upgrade. Of course carriers that have you tied in to a two year contract just don’t care about what OS you are running. If Google really cared about delivering updates to customers they would follow on in the footsteps of Apple or Microsoft and take a tighter control over the whole update process. While it’s true that they have multiple makers of handsets, Google are big enough, or should be, to reign them all. This would of course need determination and effort on Google’s part and right now both of these are qualities that seem to be lacking at their headquarters. If you are waiting for the Jelly Bean update to come to you, don’t hold your breath.

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