iPhone 5 Designed By Steve Jobs, Was His Legacy [REPORT]

The late Steve Jobs was involved in the design of the 6th generation iPhone a.k.a iPhone 5 until his passing, despite having taken medical leave in 2011. Bloomberg reported that Jobs had sent an email internally to employees of Apple stating that despite his leave he would continue to be involved with major decisions. There is of course no bigger decision than that of the design of the next generation iPhone.

Steve Jobs played a major role in iPhone 5 development (Bloomberg)

As Steve Jobs was involved in many of the strategic decisions of Apple and the iPhone 4S was basically the same in design as its predecessor, the next generation iPhone 5 may be very different in design given that the Apple phone is now due for a complete redesign. While Apple has been keeping the lid tight on the project, as they always do, there have been many rumors floating around online suggesting what we could see later this summer or fall when the iPhone 5 debuts.

iPhone 5 rumors

It has been rumored that the screen of the iPhone could be expanded to 3.9999 inches. Rumors also suggest that the iPhone 5 will have more pixels to compensate for the extra height and that it will work on the 4G LTE network. It is not clear whether the overall size of the handset will change or whether the form factor will change however materials will. It is also thought that the camera will have been improved (12-megapixels) and the iPhone 5 may even sport quad core graphics processing like the New iPad ‘3’.

With WWDC 2012 now only a couple of weeks away, all eyes are on what could possibly be the venue for the launch of the iPhone 5. However if Apple does decide to skip WWDC again (and it makes sense given that the iPhone 4S is not even a year old yet), the next bet is sometime this fall. We;ll keep you posted as more develops.