Apple iPhone 5 Launch Now Just 2 Odd Weeks Away?

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference is just around the corner and according to the folks over at ChannelPartnersOnline, this could be the venue for the announcement of the Apple iPhone 5.

Apple iPhone 5 announcement may happen in 2 weeks

Last year’s event was mainly focused on software and hence it is also thought that Apple will be releasing info on the latest iOS 6 update. The WWDC would however still be the perfect opportunity for Apple to make an announcement regarding the much anticipated iPhone 5 as they have done so for all past iPhone launches apart from last year (iPhone 4S).

While comments from Apple tell us that some of the conference will be focused on software, those watching the industry closely are predicting that they will also surprise us with the release date of the iPhone 5. Manufacturing lines from Asia have also backed up this theory.

Nevertheless, many others believe that the launch date for the iPhone 5 will be in the fall which would be one year since the launch of the iPhone 4S. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen but at least fans of the iPhone will not have to wait too long as the Worldwide Developers Conference is held June 11th to 15th at the San Francisco Moscone Center, just a couple of weeks away.

There have been many rumors regarding the specs of the iPhone 5. What we can bet on is that it almost certainly will be 4G LTE compatible, as Verizon have already said they will not be launching any more 3G handsets this year. Many rumors are also predicting that the iPhone 5 will have a larger screen and be thinner in design.

If Apple does in fact announce the iPhone 5 in June, its US release date will only be weeks away and could even beat the Samsung Galaxy S3 to US stores.