Stylus For iPhone 5? What Would Steve Jobs Say [PICS]

According to the folks over at TechDigest, Apple has recently filed several patents for stylus accessories that will supposedly be sold to owners of their iPhone and iPad.

iPhone 5 may support Apple stylus, hints recent patent

The first patent filed by Apple was in relation to an optical stylus that has a camera in its tip which tracks pixels along with any markings on the screen and thus is able to interact with the operating system content.

A second patent was filed in relation to haptic feedback by way of a haptic actuator and wireless receiver over short range which generates vibrations from the bezel of the device.

Apple believe that the stylus generating haptic feedback will be a great addition for the user as it helps them to navigate content which is shown on their screen. They went on to say that it will enhance various applications as the stylus provides the user with a far more realistic and appealing user interface.

Apple offered users the Apple Newton MessagePad despite the fact that the late Steve Jobs was once against the use of a stylus. In 2010 Apple developed a pressure sensitive stylus that would be used with low resolution touch screens that were touch sensitive and applied for a patent.

It is unlikely that the iPhone 5 or next release of the iPad will rely exclusively on the need for a stylus. Whether Apple will be releasing stylus accessories in the future remains to be seen. the application for patents could be nothing more than ensuring they block out any competitors.


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