Samsung Galaxy S3 Smashes UK Sales Records Like A Sir

As expected, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has already left the Galaxy S2 in its wake in terms of pre-orders. In fact, the Galaxy S3 has the highest level of pre-orders of any Android phone in the UK. It also, according to a spokesperson for Vodafone, has the highest pre-order rates that any Android has ever achieved for Vodafone. This may also be due to the offer that Vodafone have included of 2GB mobile data and 100 free music tracks for a limited time period.

Samsung Galaxy S3 gets title for highest number of pre-orders for Android phone in UK

Also experiencing record numbers of pre-orders, The Carphone Warehouse has been raving about the rate at which the Galaxy S3 is being sold before even entering the shop floor. Graham Stapleton, who works for The Carphone Warehouse as the Chief Commercial Officer, has said “The Galaxy S3 is without a doubt the fastest selling pre-order of 2012 so far. We’re gearing up for an exceptionally busy launch day at the end of the month.”

Whilst this comes as no great revelation, the sheer rate of pre-orders is impressive. We are looking forward to test driving the device next week, with its exciting array of specs, including a quad-core processor, 8 megapixel camera, 4.8 inch AMOLED touch screen to name but a few of its features. Check back with us next week to see how we find it.

On a side note, Apple’s iPhone held the previous record with accumulating over 4 million pre-orders during its short window before the launch. While it did have a smaller pre-order window, the reported 9 million Samsung Galaxy S3 units pre-ordered to date is no small feat.

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