5 Must-Have Jailbreak Apps For iPhone 4S

With the iPhone 4S jailbreak being just around the corner many owners of the handset cannot wait to begin installing apps. Here are some of those must have jailbreak apps according to the folks over at GottaBeMobile.

Must-have jailbreak apps for iPhone 4S

If you want to be able to toggle settings on your phone it can be such as pain. Not anymore if you get SB Settings. This handy app allows you to toggle your Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and even change brightness through a notification area on the area.

Another must have is SiriToggles. This is a superb app for those who like to change the settings on their phone and open apps easily. With this app you can launch your programs, change backlight and turn settings on and off with one press of a button.

If you use your handset in low light or in the night then you might want to take a look at F.lux. It costs nothing and it allows you to change the colour temperature of the screen on your phone. Essentially it lets you dim the blue display so it doesn’t dazzle the eyes. Users can set daytime and night settings and the transition.

The Five icon dock is a simple yet very effective app. Users can now place more app in their dock row.

Finally PhoneGV is an integrated dialer allowing users to use a Google Voice number when placing phone calls to any contacts that are stored in the phone. This app means that you never have to use the official app from Google to use your number from Google Voice.