Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3: Is There One Planned?

Now that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been officially announced and its specs weighed in with its rivals, the next big question is which carriers here in the US will get it.

Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3: Is it coming?

Given the popularity of the Samsung Galaxy S3, you would assume that all top 4 US carriers would jump on it. However last year we saw that this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. The Samsung Galaxy S2 (S3’s predecessor) was announced late last year and skipped the largest carrier in the US – Verizon Wireless. Word on the street was that Verizon Wireless passed up on it in for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus that rolled in shortly after. So what are the chances that Verizon may once again skip on the Samsung Galaxy S3 for what it believes to be a better device? The answer may lie in what else Verizon has in store for this year.

Upcoming Verizon phones: Samsung Galaxy Note, Motorola DROID RAZR HD, HTC phablet (rumors)

There are currently 3 more Android smartphones rumored to be headed to Verizon Wireless and they certainly aren’t lightweights. We’re talking about the Samsung Galaxy Note (Journal), Motorola DROID RAZR HD and a 5-inch HTC smartphone to rival the Samsung Galaxy Note.

Starting with the Samsung Galaxy Note which is currently only available on AT&T, rumors suggest that a CDMA variant with LTE would be making its way to Verizon Wireless very soon. Boasting a HD display, unmatched screen size and even capacitive stylus support, its unique features remain unmatched even by the Samsung Galaxy S3. Next up is the Motorola DROID RAZR HD which will purportedly pack a 4.6-inch HD display, the RAZR MAXX’s acclaimed 3,300mAh battery, 12MP camera and come preloaded with Android 4.0 that relies on ICS keys, its fabled specs come in very close to the Samsung Galaxy S3. And lastly we have the HTC phablet which may combine the powerful hardware of the HTC One X, huge display to match the Galaxy Note and a Scribe pen.

Given that the Samsung Galaxy S2 had record sales worldwide and still continues to sell strong, we would think Verizon may have realized that they missed out on a very big opportunity last year. However given that these three other rumored Verizon-bound devices appear to be the makings of flagships in their own right, there is still a high probability that they may skip on the Galaxy again.

What do you think folks? Will there be a Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 or will Verizon bet its cards on these other three devices? And now that you’ve gotten an official glimpse of the Samsung Galaxy S3, would you be disappointed if VZW skipped it over these 3 Androids? Sound off in the comments below.

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