Everything That’s Wrong With The New iPad 3

The New iPad ‘3’ is without a doubt the best tablet on the market right now. With its high resolution Retina Display, exceptional battery life and better camera, there is no doubt why it beats the iPad 2 in just about every way. And with a starting price tag of just $499, it will likely remain the fastest selling tablet on the market until its successor is announced.

New iPad 3: You will need to dig deep to find shortcomings

With all these things going for the New iPad, you would think it is perfect. The answer is yes and no. Here are its biggest shortcomings:

Same design as iPad 2: Just like how many folks were disappointed when the iPhone 4S ended up looking like a dead ringer of its predecessor, the same goes with the New iPad. In fact, nowhere on the device or even the packaging can you tell if you’re buying an iPad 2 or New iPad 3. While this may seem like nitpicking, one of the joys of upgrading your Apple product is the new look and also being able to show it off. Neither of this is possible with the iPad 3.

No 128GB model or expandable storage: With a higher resolution display and quad-core graphics processing, we can expect a heavier lean towards media and games. If you’re like me and have an extensive collection of HD pictures and movies taken with a digital camera, you would like to load them on to the New iPad 3 and enjoy them in stunning HD. Similarly, we can expect app developers to launch ‘heavier’ apps which utilize higher resolution graphics so they look good on the iPad 3. This and more will have man users quickly reaching the 64GB limit.

No Siri: One of the most talked about features of the iPhone 4S was Siri. So it comes as a surprise that Apple decided to leave it out of the New iPad 3. If you’ve used Siri before you will understand why it has gotten so popular. Given that Siri was left out of older iPhone models due to hardware limitations, we don’t expect the iPad 3 to get Siri when iOS 6 rolls out.

Lack of HD apps: The New iPad 3 has been on the market for close to two months now but there still seems to be a lack of apps optimized for its higher resolution. There were some notable apps that were updated to support the higher resolution tablet but on a whole, progress seems to be slow if not stagnating. The issue with this is apparent when you switch between apps and web browsing/emails. The resolution shortcomings is difficult to ignore and disappointing. Apple on their part have done the best they can by having the New iPad 3 use the graphics design for the iPhone 4S (the iPad 2 doesn’t use the Retina Display resolution graphics but instead utilizes those meant for the 3GS). So in the end, it lies in the hands of the developers to pick up the slack.

As you can see, overall there is little to no doubt why the New iPad 3 is the best tablet on the market. Taking all the above into account, we would still recommend the New iPad over any other device if you’re in the market for a tablet.

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