Samsung Galaxy S3 Official Name Revealed By Samsung On Google Play Already?

While Samsung has already gone ahead and announced the May 3rd date for the official debut of the Samsung Galaxy S3 at the Samsung Mobile Unpacked event in London, it has failed to give us a name.

Samsung Galaxy S3 official name may end up being… you guessed it

The invite and the two teaser videos refer to the successor to the Samsung Galaxy S2 as just the “Next Galaxy”. Now while we saw Apple pull something similar with the iPad 3 by calling it the ‘New iPad’, many folks still doubt that the ‘Next Galaxy’ will end up being the name Sammy chooses. Instead it would more likely be Samsung Galaxy S3 or Galaxy S III.

Well there is now more evidence that Samsung is leaning towards the former. The folks over at SlashGear report that “the app – a companion to the launch event on May 3, and including press information, a live stream from the event itself, and other details on the new smartphone – boldly includes “galaxy s3 in the description.” Check out the screenshot below.

Now this of course is not a guarantee that Galaxy S3 will be the name as Sammy could just be keyword fishing within the Google Play Store. nevertheless, it is an interesting observation.

What do you think the next-generation Samsung Galaxy phone will be called? Sound off in the comments below.


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