AT&T Jumps Gun, White Nokia Lumia 900 Available Now

Here’s a little bit of pleasant news courtesy of AT&T and our friends from Finland. Reports have just come in suggesting that you can walk into an AT&T store and grab a white Nokia Lumia 900 right now, instead of waiting any longer.

AT&T white Nokia Lumia 900 purportedly on sale already

The folks over at Engadget stumbled upon pictures of customers who reportedly purchased white Nokia Lumia 900 units from AT&T stores, as well as comments from many others claiming they were able to do the same.

With the cyan colored Nokia Lumia 900 being out of stock and the black variant seeming pointless given that it is rare you can purchase smartphones in a host of other colors, the white Nokia Lumia 900 couldn’t have come any sooner.

Nokia for one appears to be trying their best to please customers as much as they can and have the Windows Phone 7.5 device take off. Not only did they launch it at a bargain basement $99 price tag but also went on to offering it with a $100 rebate via AT&T shortly after.

So, who is planning to pick up a white Nokia Lumia 900? And if you already have, please sound off in the comments below telling us where you got yours.


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