CNET: Samsung Galaxy S3 To ‘Pull An iPhone 4S’ (Not In A Good Way)

With Samsung making an official announcement just yesterday that we would basically be getting a glimpse of the Samsung Galaxy S3 on the 3rd of May, you would think excitement behind the device would hit all new highs.

Samsung Galaxy S3 upgrade minor like iPhone 4S bump was?

Unfortunately, a recent report by CNET claiming sources form inside UK’s telecom industry, have rained on the parade. CNET’s sources inform them that the Samsung Galaxy S3 update will just be a minor one and describe it as what the ‘iPhone 4S was to the iPhone 4’.

Now we all know that the iPhone 4S ended up being the highest selling iPhone model to date and still continues to sell extremely well. However when it comes to Android smartphones, especially next generation Samsung models, consumers expect something new from the ground up and will find it very easy to switch to another flagship Android device if the Galaxy S3 just ends up being a minor upgrade of the S2.

The source adds that in terms of specs, it won’t be like what the rumors suggest but instead closer to the HTC One X. In other words, we may see the 1.8GHz quad-core and 2GB RAM dropped down to 1.5GHz and just 1GB RAM.

Nevertheless, being a rumor we suggest taking it with a grain of salt and hoping that Samsung delivers what the public has now come to expect from the Galaxy S3.