Samsung Galaxy Note vs HTC One X: 5 Reasons Why Note Wins

More cores or more screen real estate? Both the HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy Note have carved out their own niches in the market already. The international version of the HTC One X has been available on the market for almost a month now and not only is arguably the most powerful ‘announced’ smartphone, but also the only quad-core phone you can buy (US variants will be dual-core however benchmarks prove it is just as good if not better).

As for the Samsung Galaxy Note, it is the king when it comes to screen size. With a 5.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, it is the largest screen you can find on an Android smartphone, and also the only one with a built-in stylus holder and matching apps to go with it. While both smartphones are equally as good in their own ways, here are 5 reasons why you would pick the Samsung Galaxy Note over the newer HTC One X.

Samsung Galaxy Note vs HTC One X

Removable battery: The Samsung Galaxy Note has a removable battery unlike the HTC One X. If you’re a power user then you will know the advantages of having to be able to swap a spare battery when you are out and about. Unlike other Android phones which don’t let you swap out the battery (e.g. Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX with its 3,300mAh battery), the HTC One X only has a 1,800mAh battery which is even smaller than that of the 2,500mAh Galaxy Note.

Bigger screen with higher resolution: The Samsung Galaxy Note boasts a 800×1280 versus the 720×1280 resolution of the HTC One X. This equates to the Galaxy Note having a 12% higher screen resolution and 13% bigger screen size (5.3-inch vs 4.7-inch).

Front facing camera: While both the Samsung Galaxy Note and the HTC One X have 8-megapixel rear shooters, the Samsung Galaxy Note has a 2-megapixel front camera versus the 1.3-megapixel sensor on the One X. If you are into making video calls, this equates to a huge difference in terms of picture quality.

Expandable storage: The quad-core HTC One X variants unfortunately don’t have a microSD slot meaning that there is no expandable memory option. This is quite disappointing for high-end smartphones, especially the HTC One X which is HTC’s flagship smartphone at the moment.

Advanced capacitive stylus support & apps: One of the other unique features of the Samsung Galaxy Note other than its humungous display is its advanced stylus support. In addition to this ability, it also features a bunch of apps (and even games) pre-loaded in the Samsung Galaxy Note to take advantage of this exclusive feature.

Did we miss out on any other points where the Samsung Galaxy Note is better than the HTC One X? Sound off in the comments below. Next week, we’ll check out why you would pick a HTC One X over the Samsung Galaxy Note so stay tuned!

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