New iPad 3 Recall Underway, Leaked Intel Shows Apple Quietly Replacing Some WiFi-Only Tablets

Despite being herald as the best tablet on the market right now, the New iPad ‘3’ is without its fair share of problems. Given the amount of units sold to date, it comes as no surprise that there are a barrage of complaints from a small group of users who may have a defective New iPad in their hands.

New iPad 3 models with WiFi issues being recalled by Apple

According to he folks over at Engadget, the forums are being bombarded by complaints from owners who are having problems with WiFi. There are reports of poor performance and connection drops, and now “an internal AppleCare document has now leaked to 9to5Mac, explaining how Apple is to “capture” and replace 3rd generation tablets that suffer from the intermittent connectivity.”

The good news is that this problem only seems to be rampant on WiFi models so if you have a 3G model, don’t expect to have your iPad 3 replaced.

The Apple Care document states that the recalled New iPad 3 WiFi tablet should be tested for software issues, with defective units returned to Apple engineers for a full health check. Full Apple memo at the source.


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