Samsung Galaxy S3 To Pave Way For Galaxy Thunder, Accelerate, Grand & Express?

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is without a doubt the most awaited smartphone from Samsung. However it is important to note that the Galaxy name is a brand and just like we’ve saw in 2011, Samsung will unleash a flurry of Galaxy smartphones based on the new architecture that the Galaxy S3 will debut with.

Samsung Galaxy S3 may soon be joined by handful of Galaxy phones in 2012

While we don’t know exactly what Samsung has planned after the Galaxy S3, we can take a wild guess and say that there is definitely a Galaxy Note 2 in the cards given the success of the current model. Assumptions aside, the folks over at PocketNow managed to get their hands on some recent filings by Samsung with USPTO. The Korean manufacturer trademarked the following names: Galaxy Premier, Galaxy Grand, Galaxy Next, Galaxy Thunder, Galaxy Accelerate and lastly Galaxy Express.

Now we’re excited about the Galaxy Grand, Galaxy Thunder, Galaxy Premier and the Galaxy Accelerate. The first (Grand) sounds like a big screen device similar to the Galaxy Note, while the Thunder and Accelerate sound like phones that will likely pack that rumored quad-core Exynos processor and ample RAM. Lastly we have the Galaxy Premier which if we had to take a guess, would likely be a high-end model with some unique materials used for its casing (the Samsung Galaxy S3 for instance is rumored to feature a ceramic case similar to those found on Rado watches).

What comes to your mind first when you hear these names? Tell us in the comments below!