New iPad 3: Apple Shortchanges Buyers & There’s Nothing You Can Do About It

When it comes to Apple iOS products, there is one thing you can always count on and also something Apple fans boast the most about when comparing it to its rivals – battery life.

New iPad 3 ‘Battery-gate’

In the case of the New iPad ‘3’, Apple had went ahead and equipped it with a battery that is 70 percent larger than that found on the iPad 2. Thanks to this, a recent test by AnandTech found that the New iPad 3 was capable of serving as an LTE hotspot for 23 hours on a single charge.

At the same time, many users reported that the iPad 3 was running hot, making it uncomfortable to place on their lap for long periods at a time, as well as the next-generation Apple tablet taking very long to charge up. Although the latter is just the law of physics given that the battery is 70 percent larger (almost the same size as that found in the MacBook) yet the wall charger provided is 4 times smaller than the one for the laptop.

Now the folks over at ComputerWorld report that Apple is shortchanging new iPad owners on battery power as well. CW quotes an analyst as saying that,””If you stop charging the iPad when the battery indicator says 100% you won’t get the maximum running time.”

So what the analyst, Ray Soneira, who is president of DisplayMate Technologies, is arguing is that while the New iPad 3 battery takes very long to charge up and says that it is done, its still far from it. What you need to do is charge it for an extra 1.2 hours after that for an remaining 10 percent battery life that the indicator has sneakily ignored. Only after this is done, is the New iPad able to match the usage times Apple boasts.

While this sounds like a glitch that maybe you could overcome by leaving your New iPad on the charger, Apple makes you think twice about that as well. CW points to a report by CNET which quotes Apple as saying, “if you charge it more than [when the battery indicator reads 100%], you could actually harm the longevity of the battery.” Yikes!