iPhone 5: If All Rumors Serve True, This Is Likely It [PICS]

Following the New iPad 3, the next iOS device expected to receive an upgrade is the iPhone. The next-generation Apple phone, ‘iPhone 5’, is expected to launch sometime this summer if Apple returns to its usual summer schedule at WWDC 2012.

New iPhone 5 rumors reveal awesome looking concept pictures

Following the current rumor train which seems to be singing the same old reports we heard from even before the iPhone 4S was unveiled, we now find a new iPhone 5 concept that appears to embody all these claims. What are we talking about?

Less bezel and no more physical home button to accommodate for a larger 4.6-inch Retina Display, teardrop design to give room for a larger battery and LTE antenna while still giving the iPhone 5 a slim body, introduction of aluminum for the rear instead of a full glass body, 12-megapixel rear Sony camera sensor, and running iOS 6.0.

Other nice touches include a LED powered edge (shown running blue in the pictures below) that can be used to show the battery life or a favourite caller, and a quad-core CPU. To top it off, the designer has dubbed it the ‘New iPhone’ instead of ‘iPhone 5’, which will also likely serve true given that Apple introduced the iPad 3 as the ‘New iPad’.