iPhone 5 Unlikely To Be As Big As Our Expectations

With the iPhone 4S now almost 6 months old, we can expect rumors about the iPhone 5 to begin to surface. And over the past weeks, they seemed to have escalated much further that they did in the past couple of months.

iPhone 5 display unlikely to reach 4.6-inches

With the rollout of the New iPad 3 with 4G LTE, it was almost a given that the iPhone 5 would feature LTE radios as well. Now, Reuters reports that their sources have informed them that the iPhone 5 will feature a 4.6-inch Retina Display. That’s right, a display that is larger than the Samsung Galaxy S2, Motorola DROID RAZR and other popular Android smartphones.

Now while we can’t say we certainty that Reuters is wrong on this one, we certainly are going to bet that they are way off the mark. The iPhone has sat at 3.5-inches since the first day it was release around 4 years ago. And while we do believe that Apple may consider increasing the screen size, 4.6-inches is ridiculous.

What do you think folks? Will the iPhone 5 be upgraded to a 4.6″ display given that rumors suggest the Samsung Galaxy S3 is going with a 4.8″? Sound off in the comments below.

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