New iPad 3: Netflix App Updated To Support Retina Display

With the New iPad 3 boasting a high resolution ‘Retina’ Display, it comes as no surprise that apps which were previously optimized for the iPad 2 will look somewhat dismal on the next-generation tablet’s screen.

Netflix app update for New iPad 3 with Retina Display artwork

Netflix for one has gone ahead and updated their app to support the Retina Display. What this means is that the icons and images are now optimized to support the New iPad 3 and its higher resolution display. In addition to these changes, other enhancement in version 2.1.1 include fixes to the VoiceOver bug, optimized playback on external displays, and a couple of other minor tweaks.

Unfortunately, what we all really want, HD video streaming for watching the movies and classic TV shows, has yet to arrive. But the good news is that the Netflix Twitter account states it is on the way.

And if you don’t happen to have a New iPad 3 to check out these awesome features, you can even see some improvements via your desktop as the website has been revamped as well. It has much smoother transitions and has a awesome little read bar that follows you as you move down the list.


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