Everything That’s Wrong With The New iPad 3

With the New iPad 3 breaking sales records and shipping over 3 million units just over the weekend, it comes as no surprise that bugs and defects will begin to pop up early (and in large numbers) very quickly.

While tech pundits have pretty much declared the New iPad 3 to be the best tablet on the market right now, it isn’t without its problems. Here are the top complaints reported about the New iPad 3 from users.

New iPad 3 complaints

Running hot: The New iPad 3 apparently runs 16 degrees hotter than the iPad 2 and apparently is a cause for concern especially if you are planning to have kids in the near future and frequently find yourself playing Infinity Blade with the tablet resting on your lap.

Slow charging: This one is just basic physics. Given that the New iPad 3 battery is 70 percent larger than its predecessors, it comes as no surprise that it will take longer to charge up. However, given that it has a battery almost equivalent in size to the MacBook Air’s but its wall charger is 4-times smaller, Apple may have made a mistake here.

Unstable WiFi: Just like in the case of the iPad 2, many users are having trouble connecting and keeping a stable WiFi connection. We are not sure if this is an antenna or software issue.

Screen color: Multiple reports have come in that the New iPad 3 has a somewhat warmer color than the blue tint found in the iPad 2. It doesn’t appear to be a major cause for concern but those who experience it can’t ‘unsee’ it.

Are you experiencing similar issues with your New iPad 3? Have you come across other problems? Sound off in the comments below.