Samsung Electronics CEO: Samsung Galaxy S3 May Release Date Now Could Be Rescheduled To April

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is arguably the most anticipated Android smartphone of 2012 and continues to overshadow other smartphone announcements even if it is only due to rumors.

Samsung Galaxy S3 release date may be as early as next month

Now there finally seems to be word from a source that is more official than “sources close to” or “unnamed Samsung exec”. This once comes direct from Samsung Electronics Chief executive Kim Young-ha. According to the CEO, the Samsung Galaxy S3 may arrive as early as next month:

“Samsung plans to sell over one million units of the Galaxy series priced at over 3500 yuan (630,000 won) per unit on a monthly basis… In order to increase sales of the Galaxy S3 as well as the Galaxy Note which is already very popular in China, the company is considering rescheduling the rollout of the Galaxy S3 from May to April”, states Kim.

While nothing is official yet, we at the least have two release months that are right next to each other, so worse comes to worse, we will see the Samsung Galaxy S3 launched in May.