Screw All The Positive New iPad 3 Reviews, Here’s A Different Take

Earlier this week, we compiled a long list of new iPad 3 reviews from across the Web. They all had one thing in common, they were all positive.

A very different New iPad 3 review

This of course is no surprise as the New iPad 3 does seem to stand uncontested. From reports by analysts stating that Android tablet OEMs were already having a hard time competing with the iPad 2, to tech pundits in general declaring that hype aside, the new iPad 3 is still well ahead of its Android rivals in terms of hardware and price.

Now, here is an interesting review that’s a very different take on the New iPad 3. It will no doubt hurt a lot of Apple fans with its somewhat ‘ballsy’ style, but if you want to see something different (Very different), then this New iPad review is it.

Well enough chatter, check out the iPad 3 review below and hope it lightens up your day… who we kidding, it is already a Friday anyways.


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